USEPA Pesticide Ecotoxicity Database

The Ecological Fate and Effects Division of the US EPA Office of Pesticide Programs is continuing efforts to update the database with all EPA reviewed ecotoxicity endpoints for pesticides registered or previously registered in the U.S.

Toxicity data on over 1000 active ingredients, metabolites, and multi- ingredient formulations are presently included in the database. The toxicity data input into the database is compiled from actual studies reviewed by EPA in conjunction with pesticide registration or re-registration and studies performed by US EPA, USDA and US FWS laboratories which have been reviewed by Agency biologists and judged acceptable for use in the ecological risk assessment process.

The database presently contains over 33,000 records for acute and chronic toxicity endpoints on terrestrial and aquatic plants, aquatic invertebrates, terrestrial invertebrates, insects, amphibians, fish, birds, reptiles, and wild mammals. The database is presented in Microsoft Access and SQL Server and contains 35 fields per record entry. Each record entry summarizes one ecotoxicity study for a single species or one toxicity endpoint from a multiple species study and includes EPA tracking information regarding that study submission.